Maureen Meatcher

Immediate Past President

Pearl Clarke

Vice President

Debbie Cottam


Margot Crowther

Hon. Secretary

Patricia Stoat

Legal Advisor

Nikki Petch

Representatives of Founder Members:

Catholic Women's League

Margaret Valentine

Union of Catholic Mothers

Val Ward

Convenors of Standing Committees:

Health & Bio-Ethics

Mary McHugh

Diocesan Links:

Arundel and Brighton

Sue Petritz

      Representatives of Organisations

Women@the Well

Lynda Dearlove

Newman Association

Janet Evers

British Federation of Notre Dame Associations

Catholic Association for Racial Justice

Christian Life Community

Catholic Peoples' Week
Website: www.catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk

Catholic Women's League
Email: natpress@cwlhq.org.uk or natsec@cwlhq.org.uk

Conference of Religious
Email: gensec@corew.org

English Society of the Grail

Marriage Care

Website: www.marriagecare.org.uk

National Conference of Secular Institutes

National Justice and Peace Network

Website: www.justice-and-peace.org.uk 

Newman Association

Website: www.newman.org.uk

Email: secretary@newman.org.uk

Pax Christi

Union of Catholic Mothers

Website: www.theucm.co.uk

Email: ucmnatsec@yahoo.co.uk    

Union of Catholic Mothers Wales

Website: www.ucmwales.co.uk

Women Word Spirit


Faith Based Liaison:



Website: www.cafod.org.uk

Housing Justice

National Council for Lay Associations

Women's World Day of Prayer

World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations


Secular Links:

National Alliance of Women's Organisations


National Council of Women (NCW)


Constituent Members & Organisations