Social Responsibility Committee

Convenor: Rose Cartledge

The Social Responsibility Committee covers a wide range of topics giving priority to some as appropriate while monitoring others and responding to Church, government and MPs as required. Each member has a special focus while also taking an interest in the other areas of work.

Set up over 30 years ago we have endeavoured to articulate the voice of Catholic women on Poverty, Domestic Abuse, Racial Justice, Housing and Homelessness, Immigration, Trafficking and Prostitution and Prisons in both Church and society. We also aim to raise the awareness of members of the NBCW on specific issues of current concern to Catholic women so that other NBCW committees, diocesan links and organisations are informed and encouraged to take action.

Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching underpin all our work and we liaise closely with the Bishops' Conference, CSAN, Marriage Care, CARJ and other Catholic and secular organisations. For the last ten years we have met physically three times a year at Women at the Well in Kings Cross. During the Coronavirus lockdown we have had virtual meetings by zoom and have increased the number according to the demands of the workload.

Currently, and importantly during lockdown, we have updated our booklet on Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse with the assistance of Dame Vera Baird, Commissioner for Victims, Marriage Care and CSAN. The electronic version is available on this website and hard copies are available free from the President: or We are hoping that all parishes and dioceses will be more aware of this increasing problem in their midst and become safe spaces where victims of domestic abuse will get support and welcome.

Work in the areas of Violence against Women and Racial Justice has become so important that separate NBCW working groups/committees are being set up to enable a greater focus while continuing to liaise closely with this committee as some members will belong to both. We can then address the other current issues of concern while continuing to oversee the promotion and distribution of the DA booklet.

Freda Lambert and Celia Capstick are co-conveners of the SR Committee and we would welcome new members who have interest and/or expertise in any of the topics covered. You can contact us on or