Who We Are

The National Board of Catholic Women brings together women from many different backgrounds. We work nationally and internationally to challenge discrimination and promote the right of women to gender justice. We actively promote the presence, participation and responsibilities of Catholic women in the Church and society. We work ecumenically with women of other faiths and secular groups. Our many member organisations, with their particular interests and networks, make an invaluable contribution to the work of NBCW.

NBCW is a forum where Catholic women in England and Wales can:

Who We Are
  • Exchange experiences
  • Express their hopes and concerns
  • Make recommendations about the life and mission of the Church

NBCW give a voice to Catholic women.

The NBCW is effective in communicating Catholic women's views and concerns to a range of bodies:

  • We are a consultative body to the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales.
  • We communicate with the Government and the Press on matters of public interest.
  • We act internationally as a consultative body to the United Nations Social and Economic Committee (ECOSOC).

Let your voice be heard:

  • The Diocesan Link is a key person who communicates to the NBCW what women in her diocese are saying. Contact your link.
  • Our Standing Committees welcome women with relevant experience in issues being considered. Get in touch if you think you have something to offer.
  • Add your news and views on our Facebook page
  • Follow us on Twitter: @_catholicwomen