Much of the work of NBCW is undertaken in the Standing Committees and Working Groups. The objectives of the Committees are to:

  • Provide information on issues relevant to Catholic women.
  • To recommend appropriate action.
  • To prepare responses and submissions to the Government and others (including the media) on issues of interest and concern.

Committees keep a watching brief on their area of expertise. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds and individuals with particular expertise may be co-opted to assist with specific areas of concern. Working Groups may be set up to address specific topics or urgent issues.

There are currently seven committees, and brief descriptions are below. Clink on the link to learn more about the work of each committee. If you feel you could contribute to the work or would like to convey your views Contact Us.

Standing Committees / Working Groups

Ecumenical and Interfaith Committee

Encourages Catholic women to engage in dialogue with women from other churches and faith communities at local and national level. Read more

Education Committee

The Education Committee considers all aspects of Catholic education, from what is taught in our schools and colleges to how adults come to understand their faith better. Read more

International Committee

Recognising the unique worth of every woman and her equal right to opportunity, inclusion, respect and dignity, committee members work nationally and internationally to challenge discrimination and promote a woman's right to gender justice. Read more

Science, Environment and Bioethics Committee

As its name suggests, this committee has a remit to look at, and raise awareness of, a very wide range of issues that are of concern to Catholic women. Read more

Social Responsibility Committee

Underpinned by Catholic Social Teaching, the work of this committee covers a wide range of topics, including Poverty, Domestic Abuse, Racial Justice, Trafficking and many more. It seeks to articulate the voice of Catholic women in dialogue with the Church and Government. Read more

Prayer for Racial Justice

Violence Against Women and Girls Committee

This Committee was set up in October 2020. It provides a space for Catholic women, both practitioners and those with an interest in or experience of the subject to come together to discuss, understand and address issues of gender violence. Read more

Women in the Church Committee

Women in the Church has recently re-formed. it is a platform to celebrate and empower Catholic women in England and Wales. Read more